The Okanagan is a veritable hub of learning, with some of the best educational institutions in BC. After you’ve achieved academic success, we want to make sure you have all the opportunities to engage with the local community and all the resources to connect and grow a network of people that can help you both socially and professionally.

A good network is key to success. Start with your teachers and fellow students on campus, and grow exponentially outward to include people in your social world and the business community. Be proactive, get involved, and, above all else, meet people.

On Campus

Grow your network early, and start while you’re still on campus. At Okanagan College, two student-led organizations offer additional support for students. These two student-elected bodies are often involved in organizing campus social and recreational events, and are a great way to meet and interact with other students.

Other student social organisation and clubs are out there if you just take a look. Here’s a link to help you with a full list of clubs at UBCO. And then there’s always good old Google to widen your search. The sky’s the limit with possibilities!

Off Campus

Growing your network on campus is just the start. Expansion is key, so as you broaden your horizons so too make sure to broaden your network of contacts. Yes, it’s important to know your stuff, that’s why you go to school, but sometimes it really isn’t what you know, but who you know. So look for people in the community and business worlds that may be able to help you get a job after you graduate. Connect with people who can help you get your foot in the door, get you interviews, and, ultimately, get you the job you’re looking for. In this information age, being sociable, being connected has never been more valuable.



This is your one-stop-shop for student-focused entrepreneurial opportunities. With grants, events and mentorship opportunities, Accelerate Okanagan provides a wealth of activities to accelerate your growth as an entrepreneur



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If you need some guidance, a mentor can make all the difference. The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce offers professional development and social events for students, as well as student-connector meetings. In these meetings you can meet professionals in your field and around the community. You get:

  • A one-on-one 45 minute meeting with a professional (the ‘connector’) who will then refer you to another 2 people in their field, broadening your network.
  • An opportunity to ask questions and gain invaluable insights from industry professionals.
  • An avenue for connectors to engage with you (and maybe even help you get a job).

This programs offers the perfect blend of mature experience and youthful enthusiasm!



Tailor-made for students, Riipen is ‘a skill building platform that helps organizations engage with and pick the right emerging talent entering the workforce.’ What better way to look for job opportunities than searching a site that specifically works to find recent grads jobs? Riipen also allows you to do paid projects to help broaden your skills base and heighten your experience level. A fantastic opportunity to make connections in the community.


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Get out and play some sports with Urban Rec – Okanagan BC’s Sport and Social Club! Pick a sport and join a league. ‘The Urban Rec Leagues are all about being active, being social, and having fun. At Urban Rec we stress the FUN and social aspect of playing sports with your friends. It really is all about getting out, meeting people, and generally having a good time.’ So take the opportunity to grow your social network, and get some exercise and have some fun in the process!