Kelowna Chamber of Commerce

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce stimulates long-term business prosperity through a member-focused approach. We generate opportunities that provide connection and advantage and champion initiatives that influence change. Established in 1906, the mission of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce is to foster a positive business environment by providing members with leadership, advocacy and services of value. Our focus is in three key areas:

Connection – The Chamber’s role is to be a catalyst for business development.
Advantage – Being a member saves you money and provides you with opportunities to advance your business skills and knowledge.
Influence – Members have a say. As the largest Chamber in the BC Interior, and the third largest in all of BC, the membership base has a strong voice and carries influence.

The volunteer Board of Directors made up from within the Chamber membership, oversees the operations of the Chamber. Volunteer committees and task forces, supported by staff, drive the actions of the Chamber and carry out many of the initiatives and special projects on behalf of the membership.