Digital Okanagan

First and foremost, Digital Okanagan is a community. A community of designers, developers & communicators who share passions for digital media, education, innovation & collaboration. The Digital Okanagan Association – as we are officially named, is a registered non-profit organization and has a board made up of Shane Austin, Daryl Chymko, Cynthia Gunsinger, Mica Knibbs, Brent Lachman, Kazia Mullin & Richard Taylor. But we don’t really like the word board – it sounds way too much like bored and not enough like fun! We prefer to think of the Digital Okanagan leadership team as a steering committee that coordinates various grass-roots initiatives and keeps an eye on the big picture. We then have a bunch of working groups that get stuff done. These working groups are always looking for volunteers, if you’d like to help out.