04 Mar Meet Our Team: Tory Braun, Community Cultivator

Welcome…Tory Braun, Community Cultivator

An advocate of all things OYP since she made the Okanagan her permanent home in 2012, Tory is never short of enthusiasm for her community.  As a part of the OYP Members of Influence advisory team for the last year, she understands the impact the program has in the community and has watched it grow.

Now as Community Cultivator, Tory will foster a culture for young professionals in the region by keeping up to date on various groups and happenings for young professionals, identifying opportunities to bring people together, share ideas and provide connections to social, volunteer and career opportunities in the region.

With a background in communications, Tory will be using her skills to tell the Okanagan story, highlighting people, groups and companies that make the Okanagan a great place for young professionals.


Getting to Know Tory – Q&A


Where are you originally from?

  • Mississauga, Ontario

How long have you lived in the Okanagan?

  • Officially since 2012, but I also lived here from 2005-2006

How did you end up in the Okanagan?

  • My father moved out here in 1997, and I fell in love with the city and began visiting multiple times a year. I lived here and attended Okanagan College in 2006, where I met my husband, before moving down to Vancouver. In 2012, my husband and I decided to move back here for the lifestyle, more affordable real estate and to be closer to my niece and nephew.

What are your favourite things to do in your free time?

  • Playing recreational sports (Shoutout to my team Sweet Sassy, which is an OYP/Urban Rec team formed in 2012!)
  • Floating on the lake with friends
  • Throwing tea parties (I’m a huge tea enthusiast)
  • Volunteering with Lake Country ArtWalk, the Kelowna Art Gallery and Motionball
  • Reading a good book on a comfy couch at Third Space
  • Eating QB Gelato

What do you love most about living in the Okanagan?

  • Living somewhere that is so beautiful it leaves me in a constant state of awe and reminds me to be grateful for everyday I get to be here.

What are you looking forward to in your role running the OYP Connector program?

  • I have a wonderful life here full of rich experiences and incredible people, and I attribute that to OYP. When I moved back here in 2012, OYP events gave me the opportunities to make connections that have led to friendships, jobs and becoming well-networked in the community. I’m looking forward to helping others on their journeys, whether they just moved here or have been here their whole lives.