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The Okanagan is best known as a mecca of 4 season tourism, beaches, wineries, world class skiing, cycling, mountain biking, hiking and the list goes on. It is the biggest draw our region brings into the community but the Okanagan is much more.

An unforgettable beauty at your door step.

Make Adventures Here

Maybe adventure is riding the best single track mountain bikes in the world? Maybe it’s leisurely afternoons touring wineries or relaxing on the Okanagan’s 295 hectares of clean sandy beaches. Maybe it is all of the above.

With a spectacular natural environment, mild climate, vibrant downtown, short commutes and family friendly lifestyle, whatever adventure means to you, you can Make Adventures Here.

Why Move Now?

“Sure, it’s the heart of wine country and home to some of B.C.’s most spectacular natural wonders. And yes, retirees and tourists still come here in droves. But with a burgeoning tech sector, an acclaimed university and a boom in housing, the Okanagan’s biggest city is now taking on a decidedly younger flair.”


“It’s a remarkable community and it’s a remarkable region that has, quietly, achieved a significant amount of growth, and I think is positioned for a lot more growth,” he said. “It’s the third-largest metropolitan area in the province.”


“Kelowna is much more affordable — it’s a big piece of the sell for sure.”


“So what does all this mean for Kelowna? We are in the right place, at the right time, with the right product.”



The Okanagan Rental market boasts rental costs that are often lower than in major cities.  Vacancy can be tight, particularly during the warm weather months, so be sure to quick to apply for any opportunities! .

Best areas to rent to be close to Downtown: Kelowna North (can walk, bike), Kelowna South (can walk, bike), Glenmore (can bike), Springfield/Spall (can bike), Lower Mission (can bike)

5 Tips for renting in Kelowna

It is a fast moving market! Be lightning quick when applying for properties and responding to landlords.

Make yourself as available as possible to view properties and meet with landlords.

Sell yourself! Share your story and all the reasons why the place you want to rent would be such a great fit.

“No Pets” is very common in Kelowna. While you may not want to part with your current one, now is not the time to get a new dog or cat!

In a “Landlord’s Market” reference checking is a thing. Be sure your employer and personal references are at the ready for a call


With the combination of tight vacancy for rentals and modest pricing for houses in the Okanagan, sometimes the most logical and comfortable solution is to own a home! The OYP has partnered with one of the top Relocation & Real Estate Specialists in the community to help you figure out if Renting or Owning is the best solution for you. Property Values are the best bang for your buck in the Okanagan. 

We know how big a decision it can be to move, speaking to a Relocation Professional on the ground who is tapped into the community and knows how to support you in your relocation process is the easiest way to help that process.   

The OYP has partnered with Amy to ensure our young professionals are supported through this entire process. Her knowledge, passion and expertise in relocation is coupled with a deep connection with our community. She has developed a Relocation Concierge Program with OYP in mind, one that is completely designed to create a “soft landing” for your relocation. We trust that she is one of the best people in the community to help you with any questions about your interest in relocating to the Okanagan.

Ready to make the move? We can help!

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