27 Oct Free Agent spotlight – Ekaterina Embley

We’re excited to introduce Ekaterina (or Kate for short), as not only is she one of the brightest minds to recently relocate to the Okanagan, she’s also one of the most international.

Hailing from the Far East of Russia, Kate received her degree in International Economics before moving to Dalian in the North East of China for a Mandarin immersion program in late 2007, which is where she met her husband Todd, a native of Vernon, BC. After spending all of 2009 working on their media startup she joined the American Chamber of Commerce to launch and grow their new North East China satellite office. 4 years and 2 children later they moved to Shanghai, where Kate devoted 12 full-time months towards earning her MBA.

After a 4-month internship at Education First (the largest privately held education company in the world) while wrapping up school, she joined them full time upon graduation as a Product Development Manager in charge of creating and deploying digital education products for their Kids and Teens segment.

Forced to leave China’s pollution behind for the health of their son, they spent 8 months in San Francisco before deciding to put lifestyle and environment first for their family. One large U-Haul and 25 hours on the road later, they landed in Kelowna and don’t plan to move again for a very, very long time.

Take a look at her LinkedIn here and resume here, if you would like she can be reached via Email here.

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