The Okanagan is a Valley of abundance: interesting jobs, rewarding careers, educational learning, professional development, ample resources, and all-season fun. You name it, we have it. The trick is knowing where to find it, and that’s where we come in. The purpose and pride of the OYP is to help you find your ideal career match by searching potential employers and ensuring you are prepped and ready for the all-important interview. We have access to considerable resources and all the latest in community job news and links to put at your disposal. Finding your ideal career starts by connecting with us.

The Why leads to the What

Are you wondering what you want to do for a career? Well, you’re not alone. Most people struggle to answer this question. First, ask yourself WHY you want to work. What is your motivation? This is crucial because it will be THE determining factor in your level of satisfaction and productivity at your chosen career. Is your motivation to earn money, or is it something more? Perhaps it’s to help others, become engaged in the community, foster professional development in yourself and others, be continually learning new skills, or overcoming challenges. Whatever it is, our resources can help lead the way to answering these questions and put you on the right track to finding your chosen career.

Great tools to improve your search

We provide you with resource tools, useful tips, and handy tricks to help you find your ideal career match. From researching to resumes, and advice to interviews, we ensure you are prepared when opportunity knocks.

It’s called job ‘hunting’ for a reason. It takes preparation, work, and patience to find the right job you’re looking for. But you’re not alone. There are many tools and tips available to help you succeed in building your chosen career. One of the best resources we recommend is the UBCO Student Services website, which is geared specifically towards preparing recent grads for the new and exciting challenges of the workplace. Book an appointment with them, tell your story, list what you’re looking for, and they’ll explore and discuss the job possibilities open to you.

Another site we recommend is the Okanagan College Student, Graduate & Co-op Employment program. Let them help you devise job search tactics and a coherent strategy. They also help with resume writing so that your personality, training, education and experience is clearly and comprehensive highlighted on your job applications.

Some things in life aren’t optional. And a resume is one of them. You must submit a resume for each job you apply for. Your resume is your marketing tool, and a written testament to your personality, experience, and abilities. It’s a concise and compelling work history, list of accomplishments, and education that you present to a potential employer. Writing a great resume that is going to grab the employer’s attention takes time and effort.

The way you lay out your resume is really a matter of preference, but keep in mind that you want it to be as easy to read as possible. It should be clear not cluttered, concise not rambling. Start with your contact information at the top followed by a short description of your qualifications or skills that are directly applicable to the position you are applying for. Next list your work history, then your education and any achievements or professional associations you belong to.

For more resources on resume writing, check out the extensive information available from Okanagan College’s Writing Your Resume.

There are a diverse array of employment programs, both federal and provincial, available to help you find work. They provide life skills, job readiness skills, work experience, on-the-job training, job coaching and ongoing support for those looking to find a job or transition into another one.

For a full list of available employment programs, please visit Okanagan College’s Employment Programs or head down to WorkBC, where they offer job seekers free employment services, help with writing resumes, and job search resources.

The What leads to the Where

Knowing what you want in a career is the first step. Knowing where to find it is the next. Here are our top recommendations of where to begin your search.


Create a profile, state what you’re looking for in a job, and submit. It’s that easy. You will be notified of all matching job offers related to your requirements, and the best part is employers will actually have the opportunity to contact you directly. In their own words ‘Magnet connects people with the jobs they’re interested in and qualified for using powerful job-matching technology. It’s free, convenient, and protects your privacy.’ Magnet is a cutting-edge headhunting/recruiting website to help you sponsored by the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission.


Tailor-made for students, Riipen is ‘a skill building platform that helps organizations engage with and pick the right emerging talent entering the workforce.’ What better way to look for job opportunities than searching a site that specifically works to find recent grads jobs? Riipen also allows you to do paid projects to help broaden your skills base and heighten your experience level.


A classic and always useful way to find the latest job openings. Pay special attention to the Accelerate Okanagan, Okanagan College, UBCO and WorkBC job boards as they list the most jobs. Don’t be daunted by the amount of jobs on offer. Take your time to sift through them and find potential matches.

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