The Current State of Affairs

The demographic and economic implications that face the Okanagan are well documented and wide in scope. From being one of the oldest census cities in Canada, to seeing new and recent graduates leaving the Valley, to the affectionately named “Sunshine Tax”, the Okanagan needs to focus its efforts around the retention and attraction of Young Professionals and their families.

Even though a number of quality organizations already exist that provide programming and connection throughout the Okanagan, their communication and identity is often fragmented and disconnected. Many of these groups do not work together or communicate with one another. This leads to lower membership numbers and difficulties in marketing and scaling events.

A Brave New World

The time is ripe for a fresh new approach. Instead of just starting another group and duplicating projects or activities in the areas of Professional Development, Mentorship, Networking, Volunteering, Arts and Cultural, The Okanagan Young Professionals (OYP) Collective will become the collective umbrella that fosters and supports the existing groups by opening the lines of communication, helping to cross-pollinate memberships as well as hosting its own outstanding events and activities. United collaboration between existing groups with a focused and shared vision for the Valley’s collective future is what is needed to create a dynamic and engaged culture for Young Professionals. With so many older skilled workers set to leave the workforce in the next decade, it will be this collective of Young Professionals that will become the Valley’s next thinkers, workers, leaders, and visionaries.

Our Mission

“The OYP Collective will create a dynamic, vibrant and engaged culture and community that attracts and retains talented professionals in their 20’s and 30’s to the Okanagan Valley by connecting them with each other and the community through a variety of volunteer, social, professional, sports, arts, cultural events and activities.”


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Our Team

The OYP Collective is a strong team of representatives from almost every industry sector and geographic boundary in the Okanagan. This advisory team guides, directs and continues to challenge the Collective to be better and do more.

By having a large cross section of industries represented, the Collective is able to keep its finger on the Young Professional pulse of the Valley. We want to know the needs and challenges every sector is experiencing and to find ways to help and celebrate the successes together. We have included every member’s email address and they welcome your questions, comments or concerns for their specific industry.

The Members of Influence sit on the board for a term of one year. We are always looking for new draft picks for the following year. If you know someone or would like to be a Member of Influence, please contact us.

Our winning team is called the “Members of Influence” and consists of: