29 Sep there is #nogoodway to use the R-word, join us Oct 1st and take the pledge

The first annual YELLOWCARD Day on October 1, 2014 kicks off motionball’santi-bullying campaign to end the use of the “R-word”

What: motionball, a national charity that raises funds and awareness for Special Olympics Canada year-round, kicks off its national anti-bullying campaign on October 1, 2014 with the first annual YELLOWCARD Day.

Why: Because there’s #nogoodway to use the “R-word,” or “retard,” Canadians are asked to take the pledge at

www.motionball.com/yellowcard to stop using the “R-word” and raise a proverbial yellow card when others use it socially.

When: Wednesday, October 1, 2014


As part of its ongoing support of Special Olympics Canada and Canadians living with intellectual disabilities, motionball is proud to announce the launch of its YELLOWCARD Campaign on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 with the first annual YELLOWCARD Day. The campaign hopes to see 36,000 Canadians take the pledge online to stop using the “R-word” – a figure that reflects the number of registered Special Olympics athletes across Canada. In soccer, a yellow card is shown to offending players as a warning that they have crossed a line; in the same way, the YELLOWCARD Campaign aims to inform Canadians that using the “R-word” is offensive to those living with intellectual disabilities even if used in a way that seems harmless. By informing and engaging without being punitive or threatening, the YELLOWCARD Campaign hopes to invite and inspire change, not force it.


By taking the pledge on behalf of the almost one million Canadians living with an intellectual disability, supporters not only promise to stop using the “R-word”, but also to raise a proverbial yellow card when others use it casually. YELLOWCARD Day will make a big splash on Twitter as well by automatically retweeting the tens of thousands of daily mentions of the word “retard” with the hashtag #nogoodway on October 1, 2014. In addition to the social change the campaign hopes to inspire, the YELLOWCARD Campaign’s corporate sponsors and private donors have come together to donate $1 to motionball for each supporter who takes the pledge online at www.motionball.com/yellowcard on YELLOWCARD Day.


Website: www.motionball.com/yellowcard

Twitter & Instagram: @motionball, #nogoodway

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nogoodway

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About motionball

motionball is the brainchild of three best friends who happen to be brothers. Mark, Sean and Paul Etherington have been aligned with Special Olympics Canada since childhood when they volunteered at fundraising events organized by their parents, who co-founded the Sports Celebrities Festival, which has raised in excess of $25 million for Special Olympics Canada since 1983. Noticing a lack of integration between supporters and the athletes they support, Mark, Sean and Paul Etherington brought motionball to life in 2001. Throughout the course of the motionball calendar year, more than 6,000 supporters and Special Olympics athletes participate in 13 annual events in Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. motionball has raised over $4.5 million to date for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation.


About Special Olympics Canada

Special Olympics Canada, a registered Canadian charity since 1969, is a national organization that has provided positive, successful sporting experiences for thousands of Canadians with intellectual disabilities. Through involvement in Special Olympics programs these athletes benefit physically, socially and emotionally, and are offered a stepping stone to community integration and a new sense of belonging.


The Special Olympics Canada Foundation’s mandate is to build a financial capacity to fully fund the participation of Special Olympics athletes from across Canada in the recurring cycle of national and world games. For more information please visit:


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