20 Feb Okanagan education makes our future look bright

While the OYP may be biased, the fear of millennials taking over the world is quickly dispelled after meeting with several groups of this engaging demographic. The past several weeks have been a great highlight of some of the amazing things our education institutions are doing to support the growth and advancement of the Central Okanagan.

iGen Challenge.

Students from the Central Okanagan Public School system are now participating in the iGen Challenge.   The iGen challenge is for grade 7-12 students that want exposure to mentors and learning in innovative sectors of our local economy. The students gain access to mentors from local businesses to support them in finding innovative solutions to real-world problems. The OYP had the opportunity of speaking to this group of intelligent young students, connecting with them and talking about their plans, from cultural practice training for Chinese export development to Airbnb chefs for your kitchen.

Seeing these 97 high school students excited, engaged and interested in applying their education shines a bright light on our students and local education.

Check out one of the previous successful participants – Maya Gay with Basecamp Cards

Enactus UBC Okanagan

Last weekend, students from UBC Okanagan put on an ‘Inventathon’ to help bring profile to their new Enactus team. Students from the UBCO campus and Okanagan College came together to compete in a grueling 24-hour case competition to create viable solutions to some of our communities challenges. Students worked with mentors from the community to develop and validate business/project ideas that create sustainable solutions targeting, youth, environment, social and financial literacy challenges that our community faces.

The winners of the competition were a group from Enactus Okanagan College that took home $600 in prize money for their innovative and socially conscious business idea, Refresh. We hope to see this rivalry between both of these institutions continue to grow every year.  – Story Here.

Free pizza? how could students resist

This is the first year UBC Okanagan has had an Enactus team.  The program brings students and business concepts together while implementing community projects and creating positive change.

Find out more about the UBC Okanagan team here.

Enactus Okanagan College. 

Last night students from Okanagan College ran through their presentations for the regional competition in Calgary next week. The financial literacy competition team presented on their ‘CANsave’ program. CANsave grew from an idea early last year into a national program servicing 6000 students in every single province and territory.  Teacher and student resources are available in English and French!

CANsave includes lessons on topics young adults wished they’d learned early on, including the advantages of having a savings account, critical lessons about debt, and the importance of saving money for yourself and for those in need. Teaching fundamental financial lessons through the use of a simulated economy, CANsave allows primary school students the opportunity to experience first-hand financial responsibility. – more here.

This is just 1 of the many programs Enactus OC operates benefiting our community after more than 10 years of community activity. Find out more about the team here.

Interview workshops

The OYP assisted with mock interviews for students attending Okanagan College and UBC Okanagan as these students get set for hiring fairs and job hunting. The students were polished, informed and excited about entering the workforce. After the interviews, we had a chance to talk to them about what brought them to the Okanagan, where they are looking to go after graduation and what could aid them in their search. Overwhelmingly the Okanagan was a huge attraction to come to, and they would love to stay after and create a life here.

To assist students finding their next link the OYP has created a resource page to help with those offerings.

See anything we missed? Great resources or stories? Let us know here.

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